connecting to the community


I have developed two websites
concerning (pol parol website) and (sint maarten website)
nevertheless is not fully completed.

but the fact is that I don’t succeed to connect both of them to the Concrete5 community.
It is there final domain name.
The url's in my concrete5 community account are still linked to the development environment.
It is: for the moment the "sint maarten" website is linked to ""
and the “pol parol” website is still linked to my "localhost:8888" url.

It is clear that these url's must be changed on my c5 account into the final domain names.
I don't succeed!
Is there someone who can make this happen?
I don't sleep well because I imagine the worsted thinks that can happen concerning the add-ons not linked correctly to the appropriate domain name.

so I am looking for someone to get me out of this trouble.
I will give the necessary information like the account data and all other data needed.

Finally there must be a new owner associated with these websites, which I did create already on the community

best regards,

Stefaan De Reu

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Thomas005 replied on at Permalink Reply
Dear Stefaan ,

I have sent you PM , please check .

Thomas Johnson
TMDesigns replied on at Permalink Reply
We had this on another site

i managed to get it all sorted for Megan.