eCom Customizations

We are in need of a developer that has intimate knowledge in working with the Core Commerce addon for c5. This job will involve two phases outlined below.

Phase 1:
* A single page for managing a State Registration table and dataset. A static version of this table can be seen here,
* Product list is pulled from the eCom enabled products and the admin interface for this should be on the same page (Admins see controls, regular users see a flat table)
* Also need a feature for adding "Separators" in the table such as can be seen in the Black rows on the above linked table.

Phase 2:
* Customize the Core Commerce Addon to enforce the rules during checkout that are set in the Phase 1 table. Example: A product is not available in California so any user in California will not be able to purchase that product and should receive a notification of such if they attempt to checkout with that product in their cart.
* UPS integration using the UPS Addon available in the marketplace.

Budget for this Job is $900 and developer must be able to demonstrate their knowledge of customizing the eCommerce Addon by the c5 core team.

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pkhighfile replied on at Permalink Reply
i must done this work but i able work on this project after 2jan 2014
ideasponge replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks pk, we currently have a developing working on it though.