Is it possible to add a bloch with an overview of alle the file sets?
so you get something like this:http://www[dot]zwemland[dot]nl/projecten/foto.php...

Or can it be programmed, and what are the costs then?

thanks Jorg

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pvernaglia replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm working on a block right now for another project that is almost exactly that.. I hope to have it finished next week, I'll let you look at once it is done.
Ewc replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello do you have the addon ready??
jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
The "Highslide Gallery" add-on in the marketplace does something similar.
Ewc replied on at Permalink Reply
checked the demo but I'm not sure it is what I meant, do you have an example?
explaination: so I will select 2 filesets in admin, these are shown on a page with two thumbnails (grid view) pointing to a grid of all the images in that fileset.