Looking for concrete5 developer for help with custom attributes

Looking for a developer to help me set up a custom page template with custom attributes. Please let me know if you might be interested.

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jbx replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Joel,

If you can fire me across a pm with some details about what you're trying to do, I'll send you back some sample code.

Custom Attributes really aren't that hard - once you've figured out how to do 'em! Should be able to send you some working examples to get you moving...

getjoel replied on at Permalink Reply
Really all I'm trying to do is set up product page templates for a catalog that have specific fields IE: MSDS (PDF), Tech Data Sheet, Flyer, Product Variants, etc. If possible.. some of the attributes IE: msds's could be a drop down for the user to choose from.

Sample page

This doesn't necessarily need to be done via attributes. That's just the only way I could think of to accomplish it.

getjoel replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
I just got more information from the client.. This is exactly what he needs to happen.

He needs to create a catalog of products and wants these choices when adding a new product.

See attached for a screen shot of our current setup.

Product Name (text field)
Part Number (text field)
Product Image (browse)
Product Description (text field)
Related Products 3x (drop down pulling from previously entered products)
MSDS (browse or drop down)
Technical Data Sheet (browse or drop down)
Flyer (browse or drop down)
Product Video (browse or drop down)
Additional Product Info - (UPC, case quantity, size)

Let me know if this can be done or if there's already an add-on that you know of that's at least close to this already that we can tweak without having to start from scratch.