Maintenance person needed with expertise in mysql database usage

My site has been suspended by my host (inmotion hosting) for adversely effecting the server. They believe something is broken in the code or site causing "extreme mysql usage" They say I am getting over 2,000 requests per second. I have a virtual private server and I am using "10 times" more of the server than anyone else on it. 10% of the node. The site, gets fairly high traffic (8,000 unique visitors/day) but he said it is not the traffic, it is broken some where. Too many calls or not clearing out, etc. Right now only my IP has access, the site is down to the general public. I need someone with expertise in this area of C5 to jump in and help get it fixed and back up ASAP. I run C5 4.2.2.
Please contact me at 805-544-3839 or email [email protected]
Thank you ,
John Sherry

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TMDesigns replied on at Permalink Reply

I had something simular on one of my websites. It will almost certainly be a plugin or your theme. I would disable any plugins that aren't used on the front end and see if thatakes a difference.

Also I would look to upgrade to the latest version of c5.

If you would like help I can help you.

johnpaulb replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello slojes,

Make sure you are using caching, this can help your site be more efficient.

Blocking robots from crawling your site, can often help as well, here is their guide on how to do that:

If your problems persist, feel free to message me. I can take a look since I work for their sister company.

I hope this helps,
hereNT replied on at Permalink Reply
Adding caching will help a bit, but with a version that old it's not going to do a ton. Newer versions have vastly improved the cache, especially if it's mostly fairly static content.