Need Help ASAP - site down, cannot access admin

Hi there, would greatly appreciate help asap! My site has been down since yesterday and I can't figure out how to access Concrete5 login to get to my admin dashboard (I've always logged in from my site).

Back story: In perhaps an ill advised attempt to fix an issue of IP addresses showing up in the address bars of my website, I decided to update my Concrete5. I've been operating with However, when I went to download the update, I got a message saying file was invalid. Since there seemed to be no download, and hence no install, I figured nothing had changed. But, when I then went back to my site, it was a white blank. Have reached out to my hosting (DreamHost) to restore content and database. Nothing has yet to do the trick. Help!

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FaganSystems replied on at Permalink Reply
hi, I can take a quick look, have pm'd details I need
FaganSystems replied on at Permalink Reply
An update,
I have spent some time looking at the problem.
The original cause was an issue during the update from to, it's unclear exactly where this process failed but culminated in either an invalid token or invalid file message.
The hosts, Dream Hosts, were asked to restore the last known backup at which point the existing website folder tree was most likely renamed and a restore was done, I found that in the database there were a set of tables where all the table names had been modified to the restore point. this was done to avoid overwriting the existing data. What is unclear is if these are the restored tables or old tables had the renaming done. I have suggested that she goes back to DH to fully understand what happened when the restore was done, I understand the first restore attempt by DH also failed.
embodyperiod replied on at Permalink Reply
Update! Issue has been resolved - thank goodness!
Thank you FaganSystems and andrewjaff for your time and help!
andrewjaff replied on at Permalink Reply
During the update many files were missing , so i found them and restore.