Need someone to update two of my sites from 8.2.1 to the latest version

Hi all

Is anyone interested in a small job? I have two sites on 8.2.1 and cannot update them to the latest version through dashboard - this is not possible for some reason.
Since I'm not an IT person and don't have time to try to do this myself, I would like to find someone who would do this for me. If interested, please send me a message and let me know how much this would cost approximately.


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troyTFI replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello Ana,

I can surely assist you. Please mail me at: [email protected] and skype me: cis.troy for further discussion.

Looking forward!

webigear replied on at Permalink Reply
Please look for my message.

Tinku Tharasing
AnaNedic replied on at Permalink Reply
Dear all

Thank you for all the messages you've sent me, much appreciated. While hoping to receive one or two offers, I received over 20, so need some time to read through them. I'll get back to you, thank you for your patience.
Please note - this is not a project and it doesn't require any complexity, migration, test environment etc. It's just a standard update of C5. I usually update C5 myself, through dashboard, but if you ever had to do it with 8.2.1, you know that this version for some reason cannot do update through dashboard.
The two sites I mentioned are small and simple, based on templates bought through C5 marketplace, nothing specially customised. They just need to update from 8.2.1 to 8.4.2.

Thank you and best regards