New Block: Nutrition Facts Panel

We are a sports nutrition company looking for someone to develop a block that we can enter our own data to that resembles a Nutritional Facts panel. We need to be able to add the block and then customize it at will. We can add our own content but would like a block to help keep it a little more organized. I have attached a couple pictures so you can see what it is supposed to look like.

There 3 types of ingredients we have to show
1. Macro Nutrients (Calories, Fat, Carbohydrates)
2. Vitamins and Minerals (Have a %DV established)
3. Active Ingredients (Have no %DV established)

In most cases it will be a combination of the 3

Try out this website... they have a great tool.

This is a list of "bells & whistles" if you will....

It should be a <div> based. (No tables please)
We would like to be able to customize color scheme
customize number of rows
customize thickness of lines in between
customize font size, style, etc...
Place to add disclaimers
(† Percent daily value based on 2000 calorie diet.)
(**Percent daily value not established.)
Spot to add "Other ingredients" (See Pic)

I'm sure there will be questions about this one so feel free to contact me
412-276-7800 x118

Thank You
Mike Sciullo
Director of Creative and Marketing
Reaction Nutrition

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jvansanten replied on at Permalink Reply
It sounds like you are comfortable modifying the styling.

If so, the free Designer Content block may get you all the way there. It's available at:

Of course, you will most definitely come up with the styling for the display of the completed block. But, this will handle all of the block-stuff -- data capture, storage and recall.
Benji replied on at Permalink Reply
I don't think that the Designer Content block will give you all the options you're saying you need, Mike. I PM'd you some info if you're still interested in a custom block. I could put it together fairly easily.