Nonprofit Marching Band Concrete Site Crashed


This is a pro bono request.

We've been long time users of Concrete, it's our 5th year of use I believe. Using We've never been able to upgrade to concrete5, and today the Unthinkable- our website went down, and couldn't be restored. Dreamhost couldn't help, and I couldn't save any data. I haven't deleted anything so I know it's all there, but It's really hurting us. We are dead in the water. Any advice - from an expert, who can in laymen terms help us would be appreciated. Please contact me directly- in the meantime I've parkes our domain - it's been 24 hours.

Goal - Fully functioning version of a concrete5 or better website. Would be nice if we could do a full restore. All we need is the old site back or a fresh install with full functionality.


[email protected]

Will sign on again in 8 hours. Sorry of this is a duplicate but is a sensitive request.

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stewblack23 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Brooklynbands

When the website went down, what was the exact issue? Was it a white screen or did the screen show some sort of error?
TMDesigns replied on at Permalink Reply

In most cases when a site just goes down it's due to the host updating the PHP on the server or making a server change.

I would be more than happy to take a look for you.

I will send you a message with my email address.

italinux replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello Jonas,

I can help you,
I have sent you a private message.

FaganSystems replied on at Permalink Reply

Your site is throwing an internal error 500. If nothing has been changed by you then the most likely candidate is a PHP update done by dream hosting. Maybe clearing the caching might help. What version of Concrete5 is it built with?

Good luck,