Recruiting c5 Talent for current and future projects

Hello fellow Freedom Fighters,

Idea Sponge is looking to put together a list of freelance developers that we can reach out to as the demand for our services increases. We have recently received a large order for c5 related work that will last for several months and will involve some pretty heavy development.

Our ideal candidates will be:
* Freelance only - No agencies please unless you are willing to perform under our brand
* Must know c5 like the hair on the back of your hand. (We don't discriminate against the hairless)
* Able to demonstrate your c5 knowledge in an in-your-face interrogation..err..interview via Skype or Google Hangout.
* Comfortable signing NDA's
* Prefer US developers but we will consider all applicants based on skill and play style.
* And above all, must have a great forward-looking attitude that is able to balance perfection and speed, (we have very picky clients)
* Bonus - Can hula hoop while beat-boxing old Madonna songs.

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hereNT replied on at Permalink Reply
Sending you a PM.
Ramveer replied on at Permalink Reply
Pls check pm