Seeking ongoing Web Admin for c5 sites

Hello all-

We're looking to bring on someone for an ongoing contract position as website admin, to maintain our two c5 websites. This person would be responsible for work from time to time, maintaining and updating the sites. The role would not be responsible for posting regular content.

Primary responsibilities:
- Maintaining and updating (every 2 months) user database via our custom import system (4300 users one site, 500 users on the second site)
- Addressing/resolving issues or conflicts with add-ons or the above-noted update system
- Adding, removing or editing pages and sections of the site
- Exporting of user data to our online voting system
- Creating, removing or editing c5 user profiles and corresponding email accounts on our dedicated server
- Other administrative roles as needed

Required qualifications:
- Strong understanding of c5 code, structure and add-on integration
- Ability to write and debug php
- SQL database understanding and use

Compensation is negotiable, based either on a fixed monthly rate or hourly rate. We expect the monthly workload to be approximately 10 hours. Special projects may exceed the normal workload.

Note- We're located in Canada, so payment would be in CAD.

If you're interested in this role, please send a resume and cover letter to: [email protected] Please include in your cover letter your desired compensation rate.

Thanks for your interest!

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Email sent.