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We need a little help with tweaking the existing css file for a Concrete5 web site template. Attached is a screen grab of the web site with the corresponding numbers for what needs to be done.

1) This menu needs to be tweaked so that it finishes in line with the right hand side. It's out by about 2px at present.

2) This block need to be centered with the same amount of space either side. It is currently 600px wide. This needs to be reduced to 560px.

3/4/5/6) These blocks are currently 200px wide they need to be made to 180px. No 3 needs a 20px gap from the edge of the border to the left of it and No 6 needs a 20px gap to the border to the right of it. Then 4 and 5 need to be evenly spaced between them.

7) A dashed line needs to be inserted here (the same style/colour as below the title for number 8. It needs to be 600px wide.

8) This needs to be pulled up so it starts at the same position as the Twitter box to it's right.

9) The Google +1 block that is located here needs to be centered the same as the social network icons above it so that it is in line and not off set and the facebbok like button needs to be right next to it as well underneeth.

We have full ftp access as well as access to the admin log in for the concrete 5 cms. The job is ready to start right away.

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ThemeGuru replied on at Permalink Reply
Feel free to send me a PM.

I can get you booked in by Friday :-)
tallacman replied on at Permalink Reply
I see you haven't got this done yet. If you still need the changes let me know.