Transportation Quotation

Hi everyone,

I am looking for someone who might be able to help me or better build a block that do a simple task but effective.
we are willing to pay for the successful contributor affordable amounts of $$$

I. customer selects destination (postcode/airport)
II. passenger receives a quotation on the screen
III. if agreed visitors are forwarded to next page for booking a vehicle and/or payment checkout (PayPal is preferred)
IV. visitor gets a confirmation email with his booking details and payment
V. booking transport to airport/postcode completed

features required:
- administration area
- update of postcode list/airports
- price configuration
- PayPal button
- images for vehicles/suitcases/passengers
- completed bookings review/edit/delete
- resend bookings details to visitor


the web site I am planing to build will be pure concrete5!
every suggestions are welcome.

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