UK based C5 freelance programer wanted... URGENTLY

Hi we need a C5 programmer to be 'on call' as it were for projects we get where they require a little more php or js knowledge than we have here. We are able to do most things, but urgently need to find someone for a couple of projects we have to do some fancy work... please get in touch if your rates are reasonable, you are reliable and happy to work to deadines, life seems to be getting tighter and tighter on deadlines!



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Mainio replied on at Permalink Reply

We're usable for concrete5 consultation and JS/PHP development. However, we're not located in the UK but you can still use us if you don't have projects that need intense face-to-face requirements engineering. If you have the problem specified well enough, we can pull it off.

I Personally I have few years of experience with concrete5 and like 5 years of front-end & back-end web development.

Check out the profile and our website:

On our rates, just drop me a PM.

Antti / Mainio
webigear replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi sir

I am Concrete5 Freelancer from India. I can code any complex packages or blocks for concrete5. Do u have any projects for me?

Skype : tinkutr
email : [email protected]