upgrade c5 web site to latest version

Hi. I'd like someone to upgrade my nonprofit org's web sitehttp://childtrauma.com to the latest version of C5, and also improve functionality in various ways, for example:

- comment threads on the blog posts, rather than only a series of comments
- single-page checkout rather than going through several steps
- less glitchy Find a Therapist (membership search)
- more reliably mobile-friendly
- google analytics to work
- automatic recurring purchase/donation capability
- a scrolling text box on one of our forms, so the details of an agreement can be presented in a compact manner

The current theme is Slate so I'd be looking for suggestions for a new theme with a similar look/feel. Wanting to retain the (clean/professional) look/feel, though open to suggestions. Also in general am hoping that this job can be done without too much in the way of custom coding.

The web site has been on HostGator for many years but lately too much down time, so this is probably a good time to switch to a new hosting service, ideally low cost and high reliability, and open to recommendations in that regard as well.

Please contact me at [email protected] Thanks.

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joomdev1309 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello Ricky,

Happy to assist you.
Sent you PM.Kindly please check.