Upgrade from CC5 Version 5+ to Version 8+ breaks entire website

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Hi all,

Firstly this is my post I have just moved here from the CC5 general support forum where I was highly advised I escalate this to a job.

The post reads..

"Hi all,

I have had a problem since day one with my CC5 install. That being I got to a point where it was time or available I should say to upgrade from my CC5 version 5+ to 8+

I attempted this at the time as I had not much built on site to loose. However when I run update , I got a big nasty error message and as a result broke the entire site , with the only solution a full re-build on server from a backup.

I decided I would just stick with my current version as I know have many addons matched to my version and thought I would just upgrade in the future some time.

However without going into , to much as its another thread , I am no faced with the problem that I can upload files using file manager I get error message

[ 1234.png
Declaration of Carbon\Carbon::setTime($hour, $minute, $second = 0) should be compatible with DateTime::setTime($hour, $minute, $second = NULL, $microseconds = NULL)]

I have been advised about the probably cause is
It looks like PHP 7 made some updates which aren't compatible with certain versions of the Carbon plugin. A C5 upgrade might fix this problem if you're not on the newest version."

With a potential temp fix , however this did not resolve upload of files issue. I will have to face this upgrade / update issue at some point and if its the solution to fixing the issue with file manger not uploading than Ill have no choice to get this sorted one way or another.

I am hoping !!!!! this might be something simple, yet I have my doubts. I have now re-built a copy of my Website on a separate server to try and trouble shoot this. If I have no luck in the general forum , I will escalate this to a job.. Any feedback would be great !

My primary concern is being able to upload content and create a page that has files available for site visitors to download. That said the bigger problem which I have been avoided which now seems in part the cause of my upload issue is the inability to run updates on CC5 and in the long term upgrade to version 8.

The only real information I have to go off is an error message that gets generated after the failed upgrade attempt. [ See attached ] . If you are familiar with this problem and can work a solution Id like to hear from you sooner that later. Thanks all

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melange replied on at Permalink Reply

Just putting another call out for expressions of interest for a job. The now stands as this;

Unable to upload files using the content manager;

Fix the issue that is causing the error message listed in original job posting. At this stage I will want to remain on current version of CC5 version 5+ as upgrading to 8+ is problemtic due to custom theme and range of V5 add-ons.

Please let me know if you are interested.

cmerritt replied on at Permalink Reply
will send pm

victorcis replied on at Permalink Reply

PM Sent.