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My real estate website is hosted by Concrete 5. I need two problems solved.
The first is that my featured properties (my listings) that typically load on the home page are not loading.
Second issue is that when you are on a property's landing page (View property details) and then click on the "View Brochure" button, it takes you to a form that has my old team name (LintonBingle) and incorrect email contact information. (File is attached) I need to change this brochure that is generated automatically to reflect my current business name, LintonProperties Jackson Hole and my correct email, [email protected]
Also happening are emergency exception logs in the reports section.

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jsantaga replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Carol,

I think I should be able to help you out and sent a PM with some of my information. Look forward to potentially hearing back from you.

- Jordan
Seth2398 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello There,
Hope you are doing well!
I'd Glad to assist you.
Please reach to me at [email protected]
Very Best Regards
Seth R