Looking for a freelance Concrete5 Developer than can do everything from answering simple questions to in-depth projects (and pretty much everything in between. This could work into a full time staff position over time

Web Developer Position, Full-Time :: Mississippi College

Mississippi College ( is looking for a full-time, on-site web developer to join the Public Relations team. To find out more and apply, visit the link below.

Contractor needed ASAP for custom form solution

I am in dire need of someone to complete a 2 form solution for ASAP. The project is already behind and needs to be completed. Here is the scenario.... Homepage has a quote form (external form) with 3 SELECT inputs that are populated from a secondary DB…


Hello, I look after two bigger Concret5 pages and need some help. Someone who is interested? like from Berlin, but also from other parts of Germany would be possible. A longer collaboration would be great. Is a freelancer or a smaller agency interested?

Contractor Needed

Hello Everyone! We recently have come into a huge over flux over working exceeding our team’s capacity at the moment. We primarily work in Concrete5 and our potentially looking to subcontract out some work at an hourly rate. We are looking for someone tha…

Fix c5 Calendar: Need quick turnaround

Hi all, We’ve integrated Concrete5’s built in calendar to one of our pages. We can’t, however, figure out why it won’t show up on the live version of the page. It shows for some and not others. We’ve already gone through caching and permissions and …

Update a Concrete 5 website from 5.6.1 to 8.5.1

Hello I have an old website that I need to upgrade from 5.6.1 version to 8.5.1. The goal is to be able to become mobile friendly without reworking all pages, contents and SEO optimizations. There are 250 pages and it is a key website for my company, …

Concrete 5 Website Rebranding request

Hello everyone! As our company changed brand identity, we need to redo the design of our website: such as uploading new logo and changing background colour of the website. If you are interested, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! Thanks. …

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