Looking for a Concrete5 developer

Got a design done in Wordpress but I'm keen to port it over to Concrete5. Ideally, a developer who has some good front end chops would be able to help with this project. Thanks! Camiri

Help with Shopping Cart

I accidentally deleted my Shopping Cart/Buy Now page while reviewing my website puggy.com.au in the 'Edit' mode. Can someone please help with any advice on how I can get it back? Many thanks

Concrete5 developer needed

Hello, We are looking for some support with managing a website built in Concrete5. Our web developer who built the initial website has moved onto bigger projects and we don’t have the knowledge to be able to manage the website inhouse. Our website…

Website upgrade from 5.6.4 to 8

I currently have a photography portfolio website that was initially set up by an old friend. I have since then been tinkering with it to the best of my knowledge, giving face uplifts and new functionality now and then. However with the concrete 5 upgr…

Concrete5 Developer Needed

We are building a complex Multi-Site Platform with custom admin panel functions that will be built outside concrete5's framework. We will connect databases using cross domain access in our WHM dedicated server. We will use concrete5 for the basic page edi…

Seeking experienced c5 developers in Chicago area

If you live and work in the Chicago area, have at least 3 years of experience developing c5 sites, and are seeking contract work, please contact me and include a list of websites you have developed for versions 5.6, 5.7, and 5.8.

Custom RSS Feed Needed (Quick Turnaround)

Hello, I need a quick turnaround on a custom RSS feed. Here are the details: --> Current RSS feed has been generated from a Page List (using the built in RSS generator) --> Need to update markup to match FB's schema format (I'll attach below) -->…

Need help editing a website

I need help doing a small text edit on a website - I have the logins and can click on the edit icon but the system will not let me edit a text block.

Need helping updated non-profit website

Hi, I'm looking for someone who can help update a site that is having an issue. The webmaster recently resigned. we need someone to help. I am not familiar with concrete5 (im more familiar with wordpress) :-( so i'm no help to the organization. …

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