Guidance editing C5 site

Our site is live and I need to make some edits. I am learning C5 and would like some advice/guidance as I go through the changes. Blocks Work flow Editing

Add block to page design

Hi, I need a block across the full width at the bottom of this webpage above the 'back to top bar' so I can add a rss feed. The area is marked in red on the attached image. Update. Thanks for replies, but I don't wish to add a global area so for the mo…

Add-on install not working after moving website to production URL

We "Extended C5" in our development environment ( and were able to install add-ons through the C5 admin CMS. Once we moved the site to production and access the admin through we agai…

Need Developer Who Can Help with Concrete5 on Website

I have a website that will not let us edit any content blocks or areas. We get a message after clicking to edit an area that says > "Invalid Area" We also have "Invalid Permissions" messages in various areas of the website. I've confirmed I'm logging i…

Replacing Homepage

Hi, I am using C5 for my site and I am interested in changing the homepage with a more appealing design. If you can give a hand on this please contact me at, [email protected] Cheers Islam

I am looking for a new website developer to work with my marketing team to make updates and perform general maintenance. In addition, we need an SEO expert for Concrete 5. If you are interested in either, please reach out ASAP.

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