Adding files to file sets results in empty sets, no error msg

In file manager, I am attempting to add files (specifically image files) to a set. I open the image menu from the image, choose sets, click the set in the 'sets' dialogue, click update, and all seems well...but no images ever show up in the set, or any set for that matter, regardless of whether I try to add to an existing set or create a new set. No error message or any indication that anything is going wrong. This happens with either single images or when selecting multiple images. What am I missing??

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ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
Have you tried clearing the cache?
wnterbass replied on at Permalink Reply
Actually I took the easy way out...instead of trying to solve a problem that is beyond my expertise, I just went ahead and used an image gallery that did not require sets to add photos. Thanks for the reply though!