Can't connect site to Concrete5 community.

Any time I try to go to the "update" section of my CMS, I get these error messages:

"Your site is not connected to the concrete5 community.
The base URL of your site does not match a registered instance of the site. Please click below to authenticate your site again."

and, when I click below, I get this:

"Re-connection Required
This site needs to be reconnected to the concrete5 community. This typically occurs because the site's base URL has changed. Account
You must enter the username and password of a valid account. This user account must be associated with the project as an owner or developer."

No matter what username and password combo I have/use, I can't connect, and there doesn't seem to be any recourse about it. What's maddening is that the current theme/version of Concrete5 I am using uses Flash to upload files, and I know that's going away in December 2020. I'd really like to get this figured out.

My current version is I am the project owner/developer, so I'm not sure why this is happening . . . Please help! Thanks in advance.

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ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
Try adding these two line to your config/site.php file
define('BASE_URL', 'your-url-here');
define('CONCRETE5_ORG_URL', '');
JennyDillBrown replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for responding!

I did just try that (and I did make sure to include my actual URL in that code), but . . . no dice. Same issue.
JennyDillBrown replied on at Permalink Reply
So, I did some digging in my Concrete5 account. It does not list me as the owner/developer for my website. How do I go about fixing that? How bizarre . . .