Clarifying migration possibilities

Apologies if this post is few years late!
I have a concrete 5 site thats very old runs on php5.6 and is C5 version

Its time to do a bit of future proofing so I am looking at client site and debating whether to stay on Concrete5 by going to v8 or switching to my current preferred platform, or even build in C5 from scratch on version 8

The download page for Concrete5 v8 says I must be on '' before going to 8.
Can i migrate to version from first to get on the latest branch?
Would i be better just rebuilding on Concrete8 from scratch? Its not a big site about 80 pages including blogs :)

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
There is no direct upgrade from 5.6 to 5.7 or v8.

Your options are:

1. Update to, the end-of-life version for 5.6, which will run under php7+ - great if the site is relatively static - you can keep it running with minimal work.

2. Export content and import to a new v8 site - never 100% complete, a lot depends on your content.

3. Create a v8 site and copy/paste content - best if you are re-thinking your web site and want to just keep some of the old site.

Also consider what addons and theme you use, whether they are available for v8, whether you even need them for v8, or what v8 alternatives are available.