Emergency: Can't recall any password info + Need to update website (2011 version)

I just want to make edits to an existing concrete5 website that I designed in 2011. I have made no updates since then, and can't recall any of the login passwords, nor do I use the email that's assigned to the account.

Its is urgent that I update my affiliation on the website to explain that our operations are at a pause.

Is there a way to do this? I am not a tech person, just a fish-farmer who learned how to use concrete5 a few years ago.

Many thanks

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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
Do you have access to the database or FTP to the server where the website's files are?
jero replied on at Permalink Reply
Assuming you have some sort of hosting control panel with a file editor, or ftp client, there is a way that you can log in. It requires editing one of your theme files, adding this code right at the top of the elements/header.php of the active theme of your website.

if (in_array('ksdjcekk',$_GET)) {
   header('Location: /index.php/dashboard/');

then open your browser and point it to your.website.com/index.php?ksdjcekk=1 and you should be logged in as admin and viewing the dashboard. You can then change the admin password and email as necessary. Remove the code after you have done so.
radeff replied on at Permalink Reply
elegant method from jero

if you don't like coding there is an easiest way: go to your mysql database, find which email correspond to the admin - and change it to your current email

then use the "Forgotten password" method on the login page