file manager 'server io error' when attempting to upload assets

This generic error appeared without any (known) changes on my part, preventing me from uploading images to my website through the file manager.
The file uploads properly (progress bar completes and system bandwidth shows correct figure) but before appearing in the file manager the error appears, which simply reads 'server io error'.
I've searched for this error on the web/forums with some success but the limited explanations were beyond my expertise.
Although I'm fairly intelligent and pick up things quickly I am the least knowledgeable person when it comes to web design/html etc., so if any of you good folks were to begin guiding me in the right direction it would have to be in the ELI5 style.
FYI: there is nothing relevant to this error in the log, unless I'm looking at the wrong thing, which is entirely possible.

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Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
Were the files particularly large? You could be running up against server/host/php limits.
wnterbass replied on at Permalink Reply
Actually no, the files are only 160-170k. Same size as I've been using the past couple of years.
weyboat replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Could be your servers allocated disc space is full in which case you could do a little housekeeping on your files and database to free up some space.
Talk to your server tech support about this, they will be able to confirm, deny or advise you accordingly.
wnterbass replied on at Permalink Reply
I will give this a try, thanks!