Find http references in all packages - mixed content problem

Hey there,

since everyone is implementing https at the moment ... here is my question:

My site is secured with certificate, all is working fine. Except for some smaller issues.
Like Chrome shows blocked contents.
Seems like there are some hard coded http links in some packages.
I found a link to for instance in my theme header.php

Some blocks, like the responsive video block, have stopped working, so they may have some http links coded into them as well and the content they serve is being blocked.

Is there a simple way to find all these links?
Or do I have to look at every single file in every package to make sure there are no http links in there?

Also, the http link in my header.php still shows up in my browsers, seems like they are pulling it from some cache. I cleared the browser cache and the site cache, but still the http link is served instead of the https link I supplied in the header.php.
Any way to force browsers to reload the actual header.php instead of pulling it from some cache?

Any help is much appreciated!

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madesimplemedia replied on at Permalink Reply
I use Netbeans as my editor/ide where I have a local copy of the site so I can find anything quite easily because it allows me to search all files.
You could try installing it.

Have you checked the base url in the config file? You may need to update that.
Failing that, you could have some caching like Cloudflare or something on the server like Varnish caching things.