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Can anyone help me with this question from my client? Client isn't receiving email notifications when forms are submitted. Tested on other email addresses and it does work for them so this is down to their email protection software but their provider has now asked how C5 forms process emails. Does the submission run a script or relay in the background that then uses the specified email address to as the sender?

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mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
When I've come across this issue in the past it's sometimes been because the hosting is configured to handle emails for the domain, even though the email server is managed elsewhere. The server sees that emails are being sent to a domain it believe it should handling, and routes it internally.

In cPanel, this is configured under 'Email Routing'. If your client has their emails for the domain managed elsewhere (google, office365, private, whatever), that setting there would need to be Remote Mail Exchanger. The Automatic setting can work, but depends on your DNS settings.

That might not be the cause, but it's worth checking.
headhoncho28 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, I've just asked them to check this so fingers crossed!