Form Upload

Hi Guys,

I have a issue im not sure what is wrong with it.

I have a form to allow people to upload images for submission to a gallery.
I have set created the form and set it to upload to a certain directory but would need approved or added to it by hand. This is ok. works when logged in as a supper user...

If i log out and visit as a guest or a normal member. It just has never ending loading bar and does nothing when i click browse. Is this a setting permission issue or hard code i can work around?

Thanks for the help


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LTCHS replied on at Permalink Reply
I am currently having the exact same issue!
So far it seems to be a permissions issue, but I am unable to access task permissions, according to the System and Settings dialog when I select Task or User permissions.

I was able to enable "Advanced User Permissions" in System and Settings, but I don't see any changes.
weyboat replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Have you enabled custom permissions for the file set?