Old Sites Broken after server change

I see I'm not the first :) but I look after a couple of sites for friends and they were both built on Concrete 5.6. It has been on the radar that they need rebuilt to upgrade them but a recent server change at the hosting company has caused them to stop working. It's to do with the old PHP version and a PHP module called FPM.
Anyway, they will not load at all so I have no access to use them as a reference for a new build or even to get to the dashboard so I could sensibly extract image files, text etc.
I could pay the host to set up a virtual server which would allow me to run the deprecated version of PHP which would let the sites run till I build the new ones which is an answer of sorts.
I'm not an expert in this so any help is appreciated. Is the new virtual server the best option or are there any others- just need access to the content so that I can use it to build the new sites.
Its a cpanel based setup if that matters.

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emg456 replied on at Permalink Reply
Wow - just checked and the sites are actually *running* on the wayback machine with menus, photo galleries etc!
So looks as though I could access the content there. Amazing! Now if only I could just point the domains to there... oh well.
ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
You could upgrade the sites to run on PHP7.
I have 5.6 sites running on the latest PHP version with no issues.
I have also upgraded many members legacy sites to run on PHP7, so if this interests you, get in touch for more info.
emg456 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks owl. Sites are back up and running again so I'm not sure if what I've been told is 100% correct. Will send you a message.