Site down. Can't upgrade. Is it game over?

First, let me say I've been terribly negligent. I let an old site grow out of date, now the site is down and I'm wondering if there's any possibility of recovery.

I'm pretty sure the site went down 3/11 when my host upgraded the server to PHP 7.2 CGI.

According to the concrete/config/version.php file, I was at I don't believe that though because the site didn't even exist until 2012, and the concrete downloads page says that version is from 2010. The /updates directory contains,,,,,, and The 5.6.3.x versions are from 2015, which is probably much more likely around the last time I would have maintained the site.

The site was definitely working a month or so ago, but it's now down, returning an empty page no matter the URL, whether index.php or index.php/login.

I tried manually replacing the concrete directory with, which from my understanding is the version that supports PHP 7. No dice. Same behavior.

Is there any way to get the site working again, or am I just screwed?


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ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
If you want this site repairing and upgrading to run on PHP 7.4, send me a private message.
tallacman replied on at Permalink Reply
Where is your site hosted?
What is your url?

All is not lost.
ecrabb replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi all. Don't hate me, but I was concerned with how long it would take me to get the site back up and running, so I backed everything up, deleted the database, installed Wordpress, a new theme, some go-to plugins, and I had a new site back up and fully operational before I went to bed last night. That was only a reasonable option because the site was only half a dozen or so pages. I already had the loose text and graphic content in a separate file, so it was fairly easy to rebuild from scratch.

Concrete performed dutifully for almost ten years, so I had a good run with it. But, now the site is running on a platform I'm more comfortable with so it'll be easier for me to maintain like the other half-dozen sites I manage.

Thanks, all!
tallacman replied on at Permalink Reply
#ftw kinda