unable to save page properties

i still have som very old versions from concrete5 running (concrete5.6.3.5) and need to update some site properties. ... eg. Custom-Attributes/Exclude From Nav.
When saving the page, the wheel tunrs on and on, but nothing happens.. no timeout or any logs in apache or nginx.
I'm not sure, if it is not possible with modern browsers or something else.
Is there any chance to set this property (exclude from nav) dircectly to SQL via php-myadmin or commandline mysql-prompt? Wich table(s) should be involved?

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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm not sure how to do this directly in the database, but if you open your Developer Tools (F12 in Chrome) and watch the Network tab, can you see the save request time out or return an error? That might give you an idea of if there is an error.