Updating Concrete

I am currently using the version of Concrete 5. However, I am no longer able to edit my website. Question: 1. Is my version still updatable, if so what version can I update to?
2. Can I updated without losing my current website?

3. At this point I know that I would need to build a new site from scratch, but I would still want to be able to edit present site, if possible.

4. Finally, in building a new ecommerce site, what version should I use and which theme would provide the most flexibility?

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
You can manually update to 5.6.4 without loosing any of your site. You will need to download it from the legacy GitHub and update it manually.

There is plenty written about doing so in these forums and a bit more in the docs.

If you are also updating php, you will need to modify eCommerce as per
jjdb210 replied on at Permalink Reply
When you say you are "no longer able to udpate your website", I'm curious what issue you are running into. For the most part, we have been able to continue to run our sites. There have been some quirks (like today, we've been dealing with a weird tiny mce issue when adding multiple blocks that we think Chrome has created for us), but on the whole, it seems to still be functional.