Legacy (version 5.6.x-)

Setting aria-expanded value for a block

Hi, I'm new to Concrete, i've taken over the running of a V5 website. To be honest i'm used to coding from scratch using html and php etc, so i'm not used to 'blocks' etc and i'm struggling to find my way around. The person that built the site created …

Problem Bootstrap burger menu and sub item

Hi, I build a website like this one: http://www.asev-travel.com My problem is that the menu is working fine when reducing the browser to a smartphone size but as soon as i open it on smartphone Burger menu works but sub items dont show up and instea…

Updating Legacy Versions to run on PHP7.x.x

For any members that need to upgrade their legacy version to run on the latest PHP7 code. I am now offering this as a 'no risk' paid service. If this interests you, contact me by Private Message for details.

Site running incredibly slow

An old site we host is running incredibly slow (version https://theindependentsconsultant.com I've checked the server Space, CPU and various limits and all seem to be well. It might be a cron job-related error. Any advice gratefully received.

Adding a new page

I am a complete newbie to Concrete5. A client has asked me to update their really outdated intranet and I know find myself in the world of Concrete5! I have maintained websites before so have a basic knowledge. My challenge is that I have added 2 new…

Help - compatibility warning?

Just got this message after trying to add a block. Warning: Declaration of CoreCommerceProductAttributeKey::load($akID) should be compatible with Concrete5_Model_AttributeKey::load($akIdentifier, $loadBy = 'akID') in /home/maccap2/public_html/packages/…

Do sites running on C5.6 work with MySQL 5.7 ?

I still have a few legacy sites running on version 5.6 on one of my servers, and want to upgrade MySQL from 5.6 -> 5.7. Does anyone have any experience / advice as to whether Concrete5.6 works okay or not with MySQL 5.7? Thanks.

v5.6 - Prevent some users from downloading files

Hi All, I need to prevent most users from downloading files temporarily. My site has advanced permissions on. All users are members of user groups. I would like some user groups to continue to be able to download files but the majority of user…

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