Legacy (version 5.6.x-)

Access Denied on all of site

I'm hoping someone can help me, I'm completely baffled. My client's site was working just fine, then we ran into issues with the server it was giving 504 error, but this was fixed by the host and all was fine again. Then out of the blue today, every co…

Dashboard Update to is now available

The Github Concrete5.6.4.0 version has now been released as an upgrade. Go to https://www.concrete5.org/developers/developer-downloads/ to download the zip archive and extract it into your updates folder then visit the System & Settings > Update…

Old website update -> 5.6.4

What's the best way to update? Option to update not available in the system settings and legacy docs at https://legacy-documentation.concrete5.org/developers/installation/upgrading_concrete don't reveal much. regards alex

Upgrade from to 8.4.4 Possible?

Hi! New to concrete5 here, but years of web/CMS/linux experience. I'm trying to help someone with their site and it is on version, so my first question is, is it even possible to upgrade to 8.4.4? I see that it likely takes several steps to get fr…


A long shot, but did anyone here ever user Proforms and develop a way to process payment for Stripe rather than the built in PayPal, WePay or Authorise.net?

Migrate to newer version

So, this website was pretty much dropped on me by someone who no longer works for this company. Our website is running off of I just learned today that we are very, very out of date. I have no coding background. I see there are videos to help wit…

Updated to lost all navigation

Good Afternoon Guys, We have manually loaded in the update, its totally lost all navigation and ability to add blocks into the site to try and rectify the issue. Is there a way of taking the site back to the previous version?

User Permissions for a Block

Hi, I have a couple of content blocks on our homepage that I would like to setup some permissions for. I would like to be able to give permissions to a user group "Homepage banner editor" so that they can only edit these blocks on the page. Could yo…

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