Legacy (version 5.6.x-)

PHP 7.3 & concrete5 compatiblity

Hi, I'd like to know if concrete5 - is compatible with PHP 7.3? Apparently it's not working, so we've recently bought a new server and we need to move our C5 sites there and at the new server, we only have PHP 7.2 and 7.3. And our sites with conc…

Latest PHP Version

I am currently upgrading legacy sites to the very latest PHP Version (7.4.10). If you want your legacy site updated to run on this version of PHP, send me a private message.

Hyperlink URL changing on edit

Hi all, New to Concrete5 and still learning but we have a site with several PDF downloads set in the products > attributes. When first added, these urls show as www.domain.com/download_file/view/1294 Save and check front end, the url for the download…

C5.6.4.0 Registration email notification going to spam folder

I have setup registration for users to join as they request some files from a client's website. However the email notification for each registration is ending up in the spam folder. My client's emails are served through Office 365. Any ideas?

pretty urls are broken

Hi, I am looking for some guidance on what to do for an older version of Concrete5. We recently noticed the pretty urls are broken on the site. Going to the domain shows the "under construction" concrete5 page. Adding ...index.php to the url shows the …

Concrete5 MySQL query issue

Hi I'm getting following SQL error at Concrete5 ( CMS, just to give you the background we've recently updated MySQL from 5.6 yo 5.7 and this has started to happen. Any fix would be highly appreciated. I've already tried repairing database but it d…

Newsletter issue version

Hello, I am working for a culture and sports association and I can't send a newsletter : it seems to be send but nobody have recieved the email. Can anybony help me ? Sorry for my english, I'm French. Thank you.

Magic Tabs Content Misalignement

Hi Dear community, Im running my website under Concrete5, Yesterday to my surprise, when I added a new PDF under a Tab, all the element went to the far right of the page, even if my css for this segment is Featured LEFT. Can you please add …

Jquery plugin initialise conflict

I am using this [code} $(document).ready(function() { $("#lightgallery").lightGallery(); }); [/code] to initialise my plugin. However, if I put the code in the head OR the footer it conflicts with the edit bar script so I lose…

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