Any PRB members available to help?

Hi all,

Currently I have an add-on going through the review process and to date it has all 'thumbs up' with the exception of 2 checks that still require the all clear.

I first submitted the add-on for review on the 3rd of May but in the past week all has gone quiet with no PRB members returning to do a follow up.

My concern is that my add-on's 'live to market' date is less than 24 hours away and I am guessing it will show on the marketplace without the PRB tick of approval.

Maybe this is not a big deal and it can be amended at a later date?

Either way, it would be a shame to get so close and to have made all the suggested adjustments during this process only to have it go to market unapproved.

If a PRB member is available and wouldn't mind taking a look that would be awesome and very much appreciated.

Styled Maps is the name of the add-on in question.

Please do not take this post as me having a whinge as that is definitely not my intention here.
I am aware that the PRB is volunteer based and everyone has a life outside c5 and looking over submissions.

Any help with this will be very much appreciated.


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