Unsupported Marketplace Items

In response to a recent security problem, it was decided that pre-emptive action should be taken against marketplace items that pose significant security risks:

I'm wondering whether this should be extended to items for which support is no longer provided and which are not compatible with recent versions of c5. Obviously problems caused by such add-ons aren't as drastic as major security breaches, but they can still cause customers to lose $ and give c5 a bad name.

As an example, I'm aware that SkyBlueSofa has withdrawn from c5 development. A side-effect is this:

At the very least, when someone goes to buy a marketplace item that we know is no longer supported, could we display a warning?

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Gondwana,

I agree that some type of flag/warning for unsupported/abandoned add-ons would be useful. I am not sure what the criteria would be for determining that status though.