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Theme Developer: Migration Tools Incompatibility with MariaDB

FYI for theme developers with sample contents. MariaDB does not support certain XML format that concrete5 Migration Tool exports. If you made your theme's sample contents using Migration Tools, you may face the problem from users. It's good to remembe…

Abandoned themes and addons - c5.7 or v8

Lets keep this thread simple. Pleas list here any c5.7 or v8 theme or addon you think is abandoned and provide a very brief reason why. Please do not post unless you have attempted to contact the developer and given them a chance to respond. If you…

Problems with marketplace automated tests

A heads up for anyone submitting addons/themes to the marketplace, or uploading new versions of existing marketplace items. The automated test system is currently broken, so everything gets stuck "testing in progress". For new submissions and the PR…

How I can submit my addon

Hello Everyone, I have developed my addon for my platform, can anyone help me how I can submit it so that it appears when someone looks for it and easily accessible under concrete5 platform? Thank you

Mega Menu 5.7

I'm running 8.2.1 and wondering if this addon is compatible. If so, can someone point me in the right direction ot getting it installed?

File types to exclude from packages

What files types do you have within package directories on your development system that should not be included in a marketplace package zip? For example, .sh shell scripts, Thumbs.db, etc. (This is for some automated package checking I am working on…

Auto submit code to marketplace

Hello together, i have created a GruntJS Plugin for package developers. With this plugin it is possible to automatically submit code to the concrete5 marketplace. Your can find the plugin here:…

Unsupported Marketplace Items

In response to a recent security problem, it was decided that pre-emptive action should be taken against marketplace items that pose significant security risks:…

Discussion forum for C5.7

Is there an add-on similar to Discussion Forums for concrete5.7? Is the concrete5 community forum available as an add-on for concrete5.7?

Notifications are currently broken

Notifications of posts to PRB reviews are currently broken. If you have a marketplace submission under review, please check review page. If you are a reviewer, also please check in on reviews you have been involved with.

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