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When I updated my addon, it disappeared on market place.

Hello, I update my addon "Link to Edit Profile" After update, this addon disappeared on market place. Maybe this addon should be checked and approved by PRB?

define or die

Hi, I'm uploading a new addon to the marketplace, but I still get the error about some files missing a 'define or die' statement. However, all the mentioned files are beginning with: [code]

(Free) addons tracking.

Hi, With our paid add-ons, we can see the licenses that we sold. Is it possible to "track" the free add-ons as well? Is it possible to "track" licenses for paid add-ons (also the ones not being paid for)? 4C5.

Sales Statistics do not show correctly

Hey! I got 4 approved add-ons in the marketplace, but only two shows up in "transactions->sales statistics". Do anyone know why? Cheers

OWL Carousel - Invalid marketplace item ID.

I am using Owl carousel. I purchased the add-on a few days ago. Now that i am trying to download the add-on, I am getting the following error- "Invalid marketplace item ID." I searched the add-on marketplace and i could not find the add-on when i searc…

Automatic test

Hi, I have an approved and tested theme on the marketplace. A few hours ago I updated some css and re uploaded the theme. Automatic test still grays out the list it needs to go through. Is the automatic test running? Will my theme be removed from the m…

failed has_controller_test

Can anyone tell me what this test is supposed to be saying? The package has a controller.php, I have just fixed the name spacing to comply with 5.7.4 when I test it with the lint this is the only test it fails. Not knowing what its supposed to be makes …

plugin failing tests

OK may sound like an obvious question but... I know I have a plugin that is failing tests for 5.7.4 I am now in a\ position to review and resolve these but when I look at the list of plugins I have in the market place they all appear to show up correctl…

Automatic tests not running?

It doesn't seem like automatic tests run when we upload our package to marketplace? No error messages, it just seems like nothing happens. Tried re-uploading, same result.

Alternative Licensing

While building Razor Commerce we created a set of classes that are pretty good at handling what we are calling "fielding". Essentially adding attributes, attributesets and composer controls. We thought of releasing this as a premium addon so other develop…

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