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web hosting

I want to create a concrete 5 website and i am looking for a reliable web host. I just know a little chinese so I want a web host offering English help. I searched online and found that is highly recommended. Is there anybody who has used t…

Universal Marketplace Item Message

Hi, I've just realized the "Universal Marketplace Item Message" only appears in the 5.6 marketplace, could we have it in the 5.7 markeyplace, as this is very handy. Thanks! Jordi

How to edit Add-on information?

Hi everyone, I have an approved addon published on the Marketplace. I would now like to add a demo-website but I fail to find any links that let's me edit the information for this addon. I used to be able to edit things like the description, upload a new …

Some general questions about the Marketplace

Hello, I am thinking about creating and selling some themes and addons via the Concrete5 marketplace and I have some questions :) First off, is anybody on this forum making a non trivial amount of money selling themes/addons? There are no sales stat…

child pages in navigation don't show

I'm using Equinox theme. I want my navigation bar to drop down the child pages but I can't seem to make that happen. Is that a special addon?

Automatic tests fails (cookies)

Hi, We just submitted our first add-ons to the marketplace. In our add-on we use cookies. We use the setcookie() for writing the cookie and $_COOKIE[] for retrieval. We created 2 functions to get and set the cookie, because we need to create the co…

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