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Some general questions about the Marketplace

Hello, I am thinking about creating and selling some themes and addons via the Concrete5 marketplace and I have some questions :) First off, is anybody on this forum making a non trivial amount of money selling themes/addons? There are no sales stat…

child pages in navigation don't show

I'm using Equinox theme. I want my navigation bar to drop down the child pages but I can't seem to make that happen. Is that a special addon?

Automatic tests fails (cookies)

Hi, We just submitted our first add-ons to the marketplace. In our add-on we use cookies. We use the setcookie() for writing the cookie and $_COOKIE[] for retrieval. We created 2 functions to get and set the cookie, because we need to create the co…

Theme just vanished from Marketplace

Hi Everyone, I was pushing an update to my Organica theme in the marketplace for 5.7 last night and when I deleted the old version (1.3.1) from the files list the entire listing, including the marketplace page just disappeared. The link to the marketpl…

Addon in 5.6 and 5.7 version

Hi I upload my addon for 5.6 and earlier version. I want to create version for 5.7 . How can I upload new zip for 5.7 version - in the same addon and set compatibility for 5.7 version or as completly new addon ?

Parallax vertical scrolling .js

Hiya community Who's got the best parallax 'vertical' scroller? We've been testing this one: But would like a combo of that PLUS the C5 slider: …

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