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Very poor process

Hello All, I have made Christmas theme and submit to marketplace. And got live date which is on tomorrow. Still there are no PRB members has checked. And it is festive theme. So don't want to late. Are there no any rules for PRB members? Who is…

Cannot access theme review page

Hi, since my theme went live automatically, I cannot access the theme review page. Just received a notification of a new comment from a reviewer, but cannot access the theme review page. Thanks! Jordi

Doesn't use include statements

What does the "Doesn't use include statements" mean? I get this after updating one of our add-ons, but there is no files listed to show where it found it. I don't use PHP include statements anywhere in the add-on, but I do use $this->inc(). So could this…

Theme for 5.6

Cant submit theme for 5.6 I am getting error [code] Invalid theme thumbnail. Your theme thumbnail must be a JPEG image 600x560 in dimensions.[/code] which is not used in 5.6 themes

Questions about "Live in marketplace date" and 5-pack price

Hi, I have 2 questions / issues with my marketplace submissions: -> My "Live in marketplace date" was set to tomorrow. However I uploaded a new version (cause I've added a new feature to the theme) and now my "Live in marketplace date" is set to nex…

Cant submit to market

Today I got an error and I cant submit to market; says [code] Forbidden You don't have permission to access /marketplace/manage_item/-/add/ on this server. [/code]

Using Concrete5 Core Code for my add-on

Is it permissible to use Concrete5 Core Code for my add-on, in particular I would like to "extend" the image block and would like to use most of the block's code for my package.

Theme pending review after 10 days and no "live in marketplace" date

Hi, I understand reviewers must be really busy with the new marketplace, just wondering why there is no "live in marketplace" date for my theme. I read somewhere that themes went live after a week (even if they had not been approved). Also, there's …

Support language option suggestion for marketplace

We have a suggestions to add language field to the marketplace for support. What kind of the language the add-on and theme developer can speak... so they can provide the support rather than English (or maybe.. some don't speak in English well, so they …

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