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Thumbs db file problem

Actually when uploading a add-on in marketplace then there is thumbs db file created automatically. But I have check completely my folder for thumbs db file, there is no such file. After uploading when I download that folder then there is thumbs db file c…

Speed Issues

I have incredible issues with speed on my site, which was originally developed by a firm with skilled web designers. Does Concrete5 have easy ways to optimize your site or to fix speed issues? How do I troubleshoot this? We've already discovered there …


If you are thinking of submitting to the marketplace, please check your submission first using the linter at: ( with the c5 site update, the links to this page have become ??? )

Message Bar re-submitted.

Could someone please look at my re-submission of "Message Bar" in the marketplace? Thanks.

My head hurts from hitting this brick wall.

I have the following code in my package installer controller. $_SESSION['NewPage'] updates just fine with every page load. $_SESSION['PrevPage'] doesn't and stays unset. I have tried everything, including renaming the session variable. What am I missing? …

Best way to push minor updates

Hello, What would be the best way to push minor updates? Let's say I want to modify the package's icon. Should I increase the version number? Will the whole package go back to being reviewed?

Linter Guidance

The Linter sandbox is a great idea though some guidance might be nice. Specifically we've found that we're rejected if the zip contains the __MACOSX hidden folder, so users will have to zip up via 3rd party tool or command line on a Mac Big issue …

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