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8.4.2 Edit Addon - 404 Page Not Found

When I go to edit my addon Simple Comments to upload a new version, I get a 404 Page Not Found error. Is it something wrong with the site?

Submit to marketplace currently broken

'Submit to marketplace' and a bunch of other marketplace management functionality is currently broken. Portland Labs have been notified. Someone will post here once its all back in action.

been hacked

IT looks as though my site may have been hacked by a hacker. I cannot get into my site even when i change to a new password. What can i do Please help

Remove from Marketplace

Could someone with Spooky Powers please consider removing this from the marketplace: It doesn't work any more, and I'm not smart enough to fix it.

Re-validate License After Moving

Need help. I created a website on and moved it to here after a full backup. It's been running great but I need to do theme, C5 and add-on updates but all the licenses are tied to the o…

Marketplace update currently broken

Uploading an updated package to the marketplace is currently broken. Returning an error "Unzipping your package must create the folder: my_package_handle"

Unsupported add-ons: isitvivid

I purchased "sermon series" add on for $15. It looked like an OK product. I'm rebuilding church website, so it seemed to fit my need. However, it's not functioning as promised and after no support responses from the company or the staff/designers listed,…

Skill levels for marketplace addons and themes.

In response to a request for clarification about skill levels for marketplace addons and themes. Black/Bleeding Edge - a) Making a simple mistake in use could break a site. b) Modifies what the core does in a way that could lead to subsequent break…

Theme Developer: Migration Tools Incompatibility with MariaDB

FYI for theme developers with sample contents. MariaDB does not support certain XML format that concrete5 Migration Tool exports. If you made your theme's sample contents using Migration Tools, you may face the problem from users. It's good to remembe…

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