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How to provide discount to specific reviewers

Hello, We are looking at providing a 25% discount of their next purchase if they provide a review on the marketplace. We have found the Special Offers, and found the place to create them, but where can we configure to provide the special rate to spe…

Poor Response Time on Module Review

PRB, I am posting here to see what can be done to speed the approval process up. We currently have a module in review and haven't had a review in > 2 weeks. The module itself has been in review since 7/7/2016. We have been very responsive to any …

New project cloning another

Hello, I cloned one of my projects to create a new one with the same base. After joining again the community with same user name, I do not get a new project added just the old one. How to manage this new project and licenses ? Thank you. Claude

Returned Paypal outpayment

I forgot to 'accept' a Paypal outpayment on May 5th so it got sucked back in to the C5 account but can't see where I should send an email to in order to get the cash sent back to me again. The amount hasn't automatically reappeared in the Marketplace …

Enhancement to existing core blocks

Hi All, I have customised the core Image block to include the option to add a transparent text overlay to the image. I have not submitted a block to the marketplace before and wonder what the best process is for this? Is it worth submitting this …

Beach House Theme

Hi PRB. I have created a new summery theme and uploaded it for review. I'd be grateful if you could check it out. Thanks Steve C5ThemeTeam

Any PRB members available to help?

Hi all, Currently I have an add-on going through the review process and to date it has all 'thumbs up' with the exception of 2 checks that still require the all clear. I first submitted the add-on for review on the 3rd of May but in the past week a…

Add-on approved... how to get listed

Hi, Recently an add-on has been approved (form auto reply). The page is active but is not listed in the marketplace. Am I forgetting something to get it listed on the marketplace page? ( Perhaps I need to change the version number from 0.9.4 -> 1.…

Need help restoring a Concrete5 backup

Hi, I've got a Concrete5 backup that I need to restore to a subdomain for reference. It's a clients old site (we made the new one), and they want it as a content reference. Thanks!

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