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Poor Response Time on Module Review

PRB, I am posting here to see what can be done to speed the approval process up. We currently have a module in review and haven't had a review in > 2 weeks. The module itself has been in review since 7/7/2016. We have been very responsive to any …

New project cloning another

Hello, I cloned one of my projects to create a new one with the same base. After joining again the community with same user name, I do not get a new project added just the old one. How to manage this new project and licenses ? Thank you. Claude

Returned Paypal outpayment

I forgot to 'accept' a Paypal outpayment on May 5th so it got sucked back in to the C5 account but can't see where I should send an email to in order to get the cash sent back to me again. The amount hasn't automatically reappeared in the Marketplace …

Enhancement to existing core blocks

Hi All, I have customised the core Image block to include the option to add a transparent text overlay to the image. I have not submitted a block to the marketplace before and wonder what the best process is for this? Is it worth submitting this …

Beach House Theme

Hi PRB. I have created a new summery theme and uploaded it for review. I'd be grateful if you could check it out. Thanks Steve C5ThemeTeam

Any PRB members available to help?

Hi all, Currently I have an add-on going through the review process and to date it has all 'thumbs up' with the exception of 2 checks that still require the all clear. I first submitted the add-on for review on the 3rd of May but in the past week a…

Add-on approved... how to get listed

Hi, Recently an add-on has been approved (form auto reply). The page is active but is not listed in the marketplace. Am I forgetting something to get it listed on the marketplace page? ( Perhaps I need to change the version number from 0.9.4 -> 1.…

Need help restoring a Concrete5 backup

Hi, I've got a Concrete5 backup that I need to restore to a subdomain for reference. It's a clients old site (we made the new one), and they want it as a content reference. Thanks!

Reporting & Fixing Security Issues

We’ve been discussing implementing new policies on reporting and how to handle security issues with 3rd party add-ons. Our (new) policy is to close the add-on (preventing new downloads) until security issues are fixed.. How should we go about republis…

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