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Legal side of add-ons

If I wanted to write an add-on like this one: but for Concrete 5.7 am I allowed to use any of the core code and extend it? What I mean, is that the add-on is basically the auto-nav with a differen…

Special Offers with more than one addon

Hello, Not sure if this is the best place to ask this. We wanted to create some special offers where customers who had previously purchased one of our themes could get 10% off another one of our themes. We created an offer like this: https://www.…

413 Request Entity Too Large

When trying to upload a new version of a theme to the marketplace we are getting: 413 Request Entity Too Large nginx/1.4.6 (Ubuntu) Is anyone else seeing this? Looks like the upload limit has been set really small or there is an issue elsewhere.…

Code review before Marketplace submission

I am writing a new add on that I intend to submit to the marketplace. What is the best way to get a general idea that my code is on the right track, or if not then to get suggestive feedback to improve it before submitting? Dex

Composer, Linter, & The Marketplace

Hello, I have kind of a unique situation. I'm in the process of porting Backup Pro to Concrete5 and I recently learned there's a Linter available to validate the code for inclusion into the marketplace. Inclusion into the marketplace is VERY important …

Unable to connect to database.

when i try to open my web page in either IE or Firefox i get the following: Unable to connect to database. A database error occurred while processing this request.

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