Hello All I need a good template for intranet and extranet.. can you please just few

help themeing 5.7

I'm new to concrete5 and am using 5.7. I have followed the current developers resource the best I can (a.k.a. the post to create a custom them from the bootstrap 3 template.…

Problems with mobile Elegancia theme

Hi everyone, I have the Elegancia theme, but i want to make the mobile site(safari/android) responsive. The site is How do I do that? I'm a noob at this so the more information the better. I don't understan…

Re-sizing For Mobile etc

Hi, Iv'e currently installed he concrete 5 Skyline theme for our website however when i view it on mobile or re-size my browser the layout goes very out of place, with blocks and images moving everywhere. I have tried stripping out the media code howev…

went to add new theme but only 1 theme available

I installed concrete5 via cpanel, and i went to add more themes, but the only theme available is called: Long Story Short i tried to download themes via the website and upload via FTP but nothing shows up except the default Elemental

Can't Add Page Type

Hi, Is there a limit to the number of files for page types that you can have in your theme directory? I am in a unique situation where I have a bunch of different page types that are linked to actual PHP pages in my theme directory. When I try to add…

How to make an area "Accent"

Hi, I see the page footer in some of the pages (in Elemental theme of 5.7) like home page, the page footer area's background color is nice and when I check the CSS, that's the accent-background-color. However, when I create a new page on my own, I can…

Unabe to Add Block

Hello, I am creating my first C5 Website and I am having Problem that the add block is not visible Kindly check the attachment and Help Me. Regards, Rahul Sadarangani

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