Can't make own template work, please help me :(

I'm a complete concrete5 newbie so please excuse me if this is a silly question, but I have been struggling with it for over a week now :( I made an own template and integrated the concrete codes and everything. On the first attempt my template could b…

DarkLeft theme

Hi there, This theme is not working well, and the provider couldn't fix it. The problem is that it has an ajax loader, which only works with text. If you have a page with an image gallery or a slider, you need to manually refresh the page after it l…

Problem with implementing concrete5 in a Adobe Muse Website

Hi guys, I create website's with adobe muse. I now need to implement concrete5 in one of my Adobe Muse sites. But after I added Loader::element('header_required'); and Loader::element('footer_required'); there comes an error message if I open my websit…

Multiple photos in Header Simple Blue Theme

Is there a way to put two or three photos side by side in the header of the Simple Blue theme. Even when I size them accordingly they show up one below the other. Thank you. Steve

Blog template on new theme

I am making my website into a C5 theme and I am ready to add a blog page. I am able to get it to work I think but only in full page mode. So I added blog_entry.php and made it have a sidebar to the root of my theme. I assigned that page type to my blog p…

Bookblock help!

I was planning to convert this into a concrete5 theme. I got it done but the area where I want to edit shows an editable box but I can't click it

how to create drop-down for auto-navi

i create several child pages, but there is no drop-downs in the auto-navi, what should i do to display the child page link?

creating a theme

Hey! I've started to create a small company in Finland, and started to create my website today. I've had a plan for my own theme for a couple weeks now, and found a tutorial for building my own Concrete5 theme, in…

Bootstrap Carousel content block not working

Hey guys, designing a site using Bootstrap I'm running into a strange issue: I'm using a carousel and added content blocks where the Carousel captions are - so I'm able to edit the carousel captions using C5. This works, but the problem is: I'm not able t…
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