Error when changing BG color in theme

To reproduce.... Using the Elemental or clonelemental theme. Click on the cog-icon to show page settings Select "Design" Select "Customise" on the theme. Select the color on "Page background" Select another color and clock "Choose" The main f…

Moving hosting solutions

I bought a theme two years ago and I am now moving the domain to a new hosting solution but don't know what to do about the theme as it remains in the marketplace rather than in themes. Can someone please help. Thank you.

Cloneamental, Autonav in sidebar, what .less files?

Hi, I've put an autonav block in the sidebar with subpages. But I would like to change the font and colors, and I can't figure out what .less files that are used for this. I'm using the Cloneamental theme. I feel like I've tried everything, but can st…

I cannot make sample contents

The development environment is cloud9. The concrete5 version is 7.5.6. I produce the PC in Mac. I make a theme now. I was able to start an area with a package. xml cannot extract sample contents. I used these, but was not able to do it. sample_cont…

Disable mobile theme with a link?

Hi There, Sorry if this is a daft question... My project has the requirement that a user can click on a link in my mobile theme, to take them to the desktop version of the site, thus disabling the mobile theme for that user. I believe in 5.6 thi…

Editing Theme CSS - 0 Experience

I have 0 CSS experience and I am having a problem with a module that is jumbling up the links for Previous and Next. I was told adding this to the theme's css could correct the problem as the theme's css was causing it to jumble. [code].contactDirectoryW…

Seren Body.less

I accidentally edited and saved the Body.less without making a copy... Does anyone have the original code?

One page - Scroll menu

Is there any way of creating a scroll menu in concrete5? I want it to be just like the normal page adding but it adds some more code where it could scroll to. Just like this theme:

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