Adding new page template to Elemental in 5.7.04

In Elemental under clean install of 5.7.04, I'm getting a strange inject to the ccm-page class just before the [body] tag when I add a new page template to the theme. Specifically, it wraps the page in:
<div class="ccm-page page-type-page">
rather than simply:
<div class="ccm-page">
This results in a failure to close a section <div> in the rendered page, except when I am in edit mode - then the page renders properly.

How do I fix this? I see no where in Elemental where it specifies "page-type-page," nor anywhere to modify the page template other than the icon. I searched github and the forums, but could not find an answer.


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TheRealSean replied on at Permalink Reply
Not sure if this was an old bug in c5? but the code you supplied would suggest there was an issue with one of your blocks/packages not the code.

The specified line you where looking for is found in the header_top.php within the elements folder and refers to this bit

This outputs the page type and page template being used so you can target those pages.