Do Concrete 5 (thoroughly) test that themes work as claimed before approving them?

Does C5 actually check that themes deliver what they promise and how, particularly when a theme claims to work on mobile phone browsers?

Do they just checkout the developers site (who could of adapted the code to make it work on mobile) or do they test the theme for themselves before approving?

Surely in this day and age, it's a basic test for all themes (especially ones you have to pay for) that themes work in all major browsers including mobile?

Maybe C5 could display "Concrete 5 tests passed" with tick boxes on the Marketplace Theme page? This would reassure purchasers and be good for Theme and Add-on developers too.

It's too late to find out it doesn't work, after you've built it. And a refund is no compensation for the lost hours and damaged reputation from clients that question your ability to deliver.

I'd love to hear what other people think, especially anyone from C5 - who could shed some light on this please?

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PauloCarvalhoDesign replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes they do.
The theme or add-on once submited is reviewed by the PRB group.
Once dependencies and requirements satisfied and bugs free, core members test and review and after that reach the mp.
thebigideasman replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for your reply.

I would of been surprised if they didn't do these checks, but it would be useful to know what they have done with maybe a C5 checklist on the theme page, so that the lesser experienced of us would know that errors might be something we have not done correctly - don't you think?

However, when I look on the support pages, it does seem that the most frequent issues with templates not working are with mobile browsers - I include myself among them. I am willing to concede that it's probably something I have done wrong. In my case, I find it difficult to understand as I have only forked the template to white-label the footer credit and changed the footer file.
jbx replied on at Permalink Reply
Have you had an issue with a particular theme?
thebigideasman replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, yes how did you guess lol? I don't think it's fair to name names in an open forum, as the developer is looking at it. And as I said above, it's more likely to be something I have done wrong.