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I am using v8- and having big trouble for my users to upload their own profile pictures! there is no save button at the bottom of page either- and although I am currently using NEAT theme, the user profile pages go back to the default C5 look. I would appreciate knowing if there is a theme that handles these pages to all look alike- and also provides the user the ability to manage their own photo/avatar... or help finding out how to do this myself?? (which I am slightly above a novice, so not real comfortable with messing with codes). (the only way I can get a user profile picture to save is doing it manually from the Admin Dashboard and clicking on the individual User and doing it myself! didn't have that issue in 5.7. (unless I am missing something... plus added this to a few forums for help with no solutions as of yet.) thanks for suggestions/recommendations.

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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
1) To get your theme to apply to system pages you need to follow the instructions here -https://documentation.concrete5.org/developers/designing-for-concret...

2) There is no save button on the avatar update, you just click on the current photo which will prompt you to pick an image from your computer, after that image has been selected it will have a throbber for a moment or two, then switch to a green check mark and a red X. Move the image around in the box to crop the image as desired, then click the check mark to save or the X to cancel.
enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
getting 404 response trying to save profile pic. Posted in bug tracker... https://www.concrete5.org/developers/bugs/8-5-0/profile-picture-not-...