Editing footers - how?

Hi all

I've been asked to help a friend edit a site. I work in IT but I haven't done anything web-related for a long time and I've never used Concrete5 before.

The site runs version and is running a theme called Alpha.

We can edit the pages okay but there's information in the footer that needs changing and I can't figure out how to do it. I've tried searching and some recommend FTP'ing to the site and editing the footer page directly, others say it's possible to do it from the Conc5 gui. I don't want to break anything so I thought I'd ask.

When I try to edit the footer by clicking "Edit page" the footer doesn't contain the text I can see in the live website and instead has boxes saying things like "Add to sitewide footer top one".

Any help would be much appreciated.

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LucaBn replied on at Permalink Reply
The boxes you see when you click "Edit Page" are Concrete Blocks.
If you click on a block you can edit its content.
After editing it you have to save it and "Publish" the page, so your changes will be visible online.

Anyway, if you are not sure what to do I suggest you to backup your site + database or to clone your site and test on another environment.

jbyork replied on at Permalink Reply 2 Attachments
Thanks for the reply. I can edit the blocks in the main page okay - when I click publish the changes appear.

However, I've deleted some content from the footer but it's still showing on the site. I'll attach some screenshots to highlight the problem.
LucaBn replied on at Permalink Reply
You can try to clear the cache:
Login -> Dashboard -> System & Settings -> Optimization -> Clear Cache